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Top #3 Reasons to Consign your Items at Sophie's Closet
  1. Earn some Extra Cash $$$ 
  2. Make room in your closet
  3. Change your home decor

Art of Consigning:
 On your visit to Sophie’s Closet we will look over and inspect each item for “Sale Ability”, so please don’t be disappointed if some of your items are not accepted.  Sophie’s Closet will only accept what we feel our clientele will purchase, therefore, we will only accept current styles for consignment.   Our customer’s wishes must determine our consigned inventory guidelines.  If an item is found to be stained or damaged after closer inspection, you will be called or e-mailed to pick up the item or it will be reduced or donated.  In an effort to save you valuable time please examine your items carefully,  and bring only your best items. This will save us both the frustration of rejecting items that clearly do not meet our criteria Clothing must be clean, pressed and odor-free (we cannot accept clothing with strong perfume scents or smoke odors). 

Drop of Policy:   We accept items for consignment on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between the hours 12:00 and 6:00 pm.

Store Commission Policy:
  The sale price of consigned items will be split between Sophie’s Closet and the consignors as follows: Consignor receives 40% of the sale price; Sophie’s Closet Consignment Boutique will retain 60% of the sale to cover operating expenses.  Consigned items will be priced accordingly by Sophie’s Closet staff.  The pricing of consigned merchandise is approximately one third off the original retail price and we will do our best to sell your items at the highest possible profit to you. 
 After the 60-day consignment period, any items not sold will be available for you to retrieve or can be forfeited to the store or donated.  Any items not retrieved within 7-working days after the 60 day period will become the property of Sophie’s Closet and/or will be donated to a local charity.

Store Pricing Policy:  
  Sophie’s Closet reserves the right to markdown the store merchandise at any time for promotional purposes.  In order to promote sales and help sell your items, we provide promotions for our customer’s to receive discounts.  

Store Credit or Check Payments: 
 Sophie’s Closet pays its consignors after the 60 day contract end date with a store check,  or your credit balance can be applied towards purchases made in the store at any time.  Account balances $20.00 or less will receive store credit.

Thank you for your business and happy consigning to all!
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